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Artak is an foundation based in Zaporizhzhia, founded by group of volunteers including Nataliay Ardalyanova, who became a volunteer in the first days of the war and was in charge of the largest refugee reception center in Ukraine located on the parking lot of the Epicenter shopping mall in the city of Zaporizhzhia. I met Nataliya in April 2023 when she was battling all kinds of shortages in food, accommodation and gasoline to help thousands of displaced people who were arriving the city from occupied territories. Nataliya and her team organized transports of over 100 000 people to almost all destinations in Western Ukraine and other countries. We have joined efforts very quickly together in various evacuation programs in collaboration with Bader Philanthropies and Red Cross Spain. They continue to help those who loose their houses from daily bombings that are still happening all over the Zaporizhzhia region. They need support for gas, car basic supplies to adapt their refugee center for needs of disabled.


savED is an international charitable foundation that restores access to education in Ukrainian communities that suffered from the Russian war against Ukraine. It was founded by Anna Novosad and implements comprehensive approach towards the damaged schools recovery: we raise funds to rebuild damaged premises, along with providing them with furniture and gadgets and equiping educational spaces in schools so that children feel safe and comfortable. SavED helps to rebuild schools from five regions in Ukraine including the region of Chernihiv, the home region of many children characters from the film including Sophia, Sanya, Sacha, Tanya & Vala.