In the Rearview is the winner of Odesa International Film Festival 2023!

In the Rearview is the winner of Odesa International Film Festival 2023 and the best Ukrainian full-length documentary film in the National Competition of the 14th OIFF! We are speechless, and truly overjoyed that our film was appreciated especially in Ukraine, where the whole cinematic journey of In the Rearview has begun. 

Thank you so much Odesa International Film Festival and the city of Chernovtsi, who was an amazing host to the whole festival community — audiences, filmmakers, volunteers, organizers. We appreciate greatly that you have let us celebrate cinema during this hazardous time of war, even when the festival screenings were interrupted by air alarms and sirens and we were all continuously reminded that we can either stay and carry on watching, or head to the shelters nearby. Thank you for your cautiousness and professionalism.

Special shoutout to our Ukrainian crew members: Co-producer Anna  Palenchuk and her team at 435 FILMS, Cinematographer Yura Dunay, Associated Producer Kseniya Marchenko, Assistant Editor Dimitri Malihin, Production Assistant for Kiev Dima Kozema, Humanitarian Aid Coordinator Natalya Ardalyanova, Car Mechanic Boris Bondarenko, Additional Sounds Recordist Andrii Rogachov, Choir – Kateryna Baisoiu, Zhasmin Baisoiu, Iuliia Gyria, Yaroslav Kudelia, Tetiana Ostapczuk, Olha Motoria, Choir Coordinators Dmytro Terokhin and Anna Stoianova, Iryna Malykhina responsible for UA translations and many other people that made it possible for the film to be completed.